The John Merck Fund

2014 Developmental Disabilities Grants

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John Merck Scholars Program in the Biology
of Developmental Disabilities in Children

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory$75,000

To support research on neural circuits for multisensory decisionmaking by John Merck Scholar Anne Churchland.

Harvard Medical School$75,000

To support research on the role of glia and the complement cascade in the refinement of developing neural circuits by John Merck Scholar Beth Stevens.

Stanford University$75,000

To support research on social attention and word learning in typical development and autism spectrum disorders by Michael Frank.

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Translational Research Program

Boston Children's Hospital$150,000

To support a Randomized Clinical Trial of Applied Behavioral Analysis in Children with Down syndrome and neurobehavioral disorders.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital$250,000

To conduct a Phase II placebo-controlled proof of concept study of acamprosate in 48 youth with Fragile X Syndrome. Third payment of a four-year grant.

University of California, Davis MIND Institute$250,000

To evaluate the efficacy of Cogmed, a cognitive training program that enhances working memory and executive function, in individuals with Fragile X Syndrome. Third payment of four-year grant.

University of Massachusetts Medical School$250,000

To support research into Down Syndrome by Jeanne Lawrence. Second payment of four-year grant.

University of Wisconsin Waisman Center$100,000

To conduct research by Xinyu Zhao and Anita Bhattacharyya into identifying reactivation reagents in a high throughput unbiased screen using human Fragile X patient-derived neural cells, to correct the root cause of Fragile X.

Vanderbilt University$250,000

To conduct a randomized controlled trial by Ann Kaiser and Connie Kasari of an early communication intervention with children with Down syndrome.

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Research to Clinical Practice Program

RTI International$200,000

To plan and gather preliminary data to design a statewide Tier 2 voluntary newborn screening study that includes Fragile X syndrome.

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