The John Merck Fund

Grant Process

Eligibility and Guidelines

The John Merck Fund makes grants in four program areas: Developmental Disabilities, Clean Energy, Environmental Health and Regional Food Systems. Grants are generally limited to the United States, with some rare exceptions. Please see the Fund's individual Program Areas for more details.

Application Procedures

The John Merck Fund actively seeks out projects and programs that may merit support, then requests grant applications on behalf of those it finds most promising. It does not encourage the submission of unsolicited proposals. However, organizations interested in obtaining support for work they do in one of JMF's program areas are welcome to send a brief email or letter of inquiry— an email with a letter of inquiry attached is preferable.

Once JMF requests a grant application, the prospective grantee is asked to fill out a Grant Application Form, in which they specify a funding amount and concisely describe the project or program for which the grant is being sought. The prospective grantee also explains how the grant would fit into the project or program’s overall budget, listing all other major funding sources. And they include the following information about the sponsoring organization:

Applications are also accompanied by:

Fund Preferences

The Fund favors:

The Fund DOES NOT provide grants for: